Do you like reading through endless paragraphs of complicated legalese? Me neither. Have a problem or a question? I can help you.

I (Chuck Braman) am the drummer in and the bandleader of all the bands that you see on this site. I'm the person who gives advice and consultations to my customers and creates and signs their contracts. I also created and designed this website and all of its content, including the videos, which I edited, and the sound, which I recorded and mixed. I‘m extremely friendly and reasonable and like answering questions, so if you have any, please feel free to call me anytime at 212-989-5281.

Following is information on my policies regarding the procedures for hiring one of my bands, refunds of deposits, and privacy regarding any information you share with me. I strongly suggest taking the time to compare this information to the lengthy fine print of the national entertainment directories you find online, as well as comparing the reviews on our respective Better Business Bureau pages. In place of a glib “free guarantee” that is contradicted by the actual text of their User Agreement and the experiences of their customers, I offer a level of integrity and service that has led to over 100 positive reviews and thank-you notes, including 51 verified reviews on third party sites such as Google, Yelp, The Knot, Wedding Wire, the BBB and Facebook that are all 5-star.

Procedure For Hiring A Band

It‘s easy:

  1. You choose a particular sideman or band of mine from the videos on this site that you‘d like to hire and let me know.
  2. I contact them to determine their availability.
  3. If they are available, I will send you a simple, straightforward contract that will act as an agreement between you and me. You can download a sample of this contract here.
  4. Once you return the contract along with 1/2 of the total payment as a deposit, I will reserve your date for you and my sidemen and I will turn down any counteroffers we may receive (including more lucrative ones). In other words, once you commit, my sidemen and I commit too, and fully!

Refund Policy

While it is exceedingly rare that I or one of my sidemen ever need to cancel an event, there are unforeseen circumstances that could arise:

Should one of these two circumstances require a cancellation on our end, I‘ll offer you a full refund of your deposit or a substitution for the musician in question, your choice.

Because my sidemen and I pride ourselves on our integrity, we count on the same level of integrity from you. The purpose of your deposit is to allow me to request my sidemen to turn down counteroffers for your date, including more lucrative counteroffers when they arise. Therefore, refunds of deposits due to cancellations by clients are offered at my discretion in the context of unusual or unforeseen circumstances. Here are two past instances where I've volunteered a refund of the deposit to the client:

Privacy Policy

Unlike the national directories, I don‘t share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes, nor does this site use cookies or tracking technologies. Please note also that I never share publicly or privately in any form any of the information that I collect from my clients apart from the particular exceptions detailed below.

As mentioned above, my clients have shared over 100 positive reviews and thank-you notes. Publicizing these reviews and comments online is an essential part of the process of establishing credibility and trust with future clients. Therefore it is my policy to post many of the positive comments we receive on this site, along with attributions. However, should you prefer not to be named on this site, please indicate that preference to me and I can shorten your last name to its first initial, or, if you prefer, I can omit your name and comments altogether.

Occasionally I post online photos and descriptions of some of our performances on this site as well as on the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Should you prefer that I don‘t post photos or descriptions of your event, please indicate that preference to me and I will honor it.

Contact Me

Please feel free at any time to contact me with any other questions or concerns you may have: 212-989-5281

—Chuck Braman, bandleader

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