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Born in Cleveland Ohio in 1959 and relocated to New York City in 1989, drummer-bandleader Chuck Braman has had over four decades of professional experience performing for thousands of concerts, jazz nightclubs, restaurants, fundraisers, weddings, and corporate and social events. In addition to performing, he has a wide-ranging background in jazz as an editor, critic, speaker, teacher, theorist and author.

As an editor, he assisted in the research and editing of the first edition of America's top-selling jazz textbook, Jazz Styles. He was subsequently hired by publisher Prentice Hall to act as editor of the second edition, and by author Mark Gridley as editor of the fourth edition. Dr. Gridley also employed him and his trio to demonstrate drumming and rhythm section styles on the instructional CD that accompanies the book.

As a jazz critic, he's had his writing published in several different local, national, and international newspapers, magazines, and books, including The Scene, New Review, Jazz Magazine, The Cleveland-Akron Jazz Report, Percussive Notes, Percussion Magazine, and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.

As a speaker and teacher, he's been employed by Case Western Reserve University to lecture on Miles Davis and John Coltrane, and to lecture and demonstrate on Elvin Jones and on the evolution of the jazz rhythm section. He's also been employed by the Northeast Ohio Jazz Society to give a lecture and demonstration at Severance Hall on the style of drummer Roy Haynes, and by Public Radio to create a two-hour program on the contributions made by Paul Motian to jazz drumming.

As a theorist and author, while devising his own practice routines, he discovered the system underlying rhythm and drum technique. He organized this system into a 176-page book, Drumming Patterns, that has received favorable endorsements from Jim Chapin, Louie Bellson, Ed Soph and John Beck, and favorable reviews in Rimshot Magazine, Percussive Notes, Kansas Music Review, Downbeat Magazine, Modern Drummer and Rhythm Magazine.

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