Seeing and hearing is believing!

Are you considering a jazz night for your restaurant?
You’ve found the right bandleader.

For over 25 years, I’ve been leading jazz trios that have performed in some of the finest restaurants, landmarks and hotels in New York City, including the B.R. Guest Restaurants (Blue Fin, Blue Water Grille), The Rink Bar (Rockefeller Center), The Broadway Lounge (Marriott Marquee, Times Square), The Modern (The Museum of Modern Art), as well as leading larger bands in jazz clubs like Birdland and the 55 Bar (see the Quartet page). Throughout that time, I’ve developed a deep knowledge of how to best combine the requirements of creating incredible jazz that your customers will love with the requirements of properly “playing the room,”  i.e., adjusting our volume levels and manner of performance to suit the needs of your customers.

“B.R. Guest has been enjoying the musicianship of
Chuck Braman for a period of over 5 years.
Chuck Braman has always shown the utmost
professionalism and tact while also providing
progressive yet listenable jazz for our customers.
I hope to continue working with Chuck for
as long as he permits and I also have chosen
to recommend Chuck Braman for any special parties
that I get for the same reasons listed above;
professionalism and musicianship.”

—Andrew Emer, Past Musical Director for B.R. Guest Restaurants (Blue Fin, Blue Water Grille)

Why have one good band,
when you can have a variety of great ones?

Because I’m a drummer rather than a lead instrumentalist, I use a variety of lead instrumentalists for my trios, from guitarists to pianists to vibraphonists, thereby offering you a variety of bands with unique repertoires,
sounds and styles. I play music because I want to be inspired by the greatest jazz musicians in New York City.
When you hire my bands, you’ll be hiring these incredible world-class jazz artists as well.

“I was extremely happy with the band and the selection
of music played. Mr. Braman always conducted himself
in a professional manner, the band always on time,
and the musics performed set a festive atmosphere for the outdoor bar and dining crowd. I have gotten many comments form my regular guests and employees on how much they enjoyed the music that Chuck and the band played. I feel the music generated additional business to The Rink Bar.”

—Ken Gordon, Vice President of Operations at Patina Restaurant Group, former manger of  The Rink Bar (Rockefeller Center)

Treat your customers to something special.

There are a lot of great restaurants in New York City. Distinguish yourself from your competitors
by offering something special that they don’t have. Great live jazz is one of the things that makes
New York City the greatest city in the world. Treat your customers to the best jazz that New York has to offer.

These pages include Trios, Quartets and Quintets featuring both instrumentalists and vocalists, with a repertoire emphasizing Great American Songbook standards by composers such as George Gershwin and Cole Porter

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 The Restaurants page features instrumental Trios,
while the Concerts page features instrumental
Quartets and Quintets, with repertoires
emphasizing jazz composers such as
Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk.