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January 1, 2030

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How to easily find a great jazz band for your wedding

(1) Contact the bandleader (me) directly at 212-989-5281, tell me what you need, and I'll make it happen. Or,
(2) Browse this page, choose the band you like most, let me know by filling out the “get a price quote” form (click the button above right) and I'll get back to you the same day with either a simple price quote or a helpful, unbiased consultation, your choice.

Many amazing bands,
one seasoned bandleader

My name is Chuck Braman, and I’m a jazz drummer-bandleader who’s been active in New York City for nearly three decades. During that time I’ve discovered the very best musicians that I love making music with and organized them into ensembles based on ideal combinations of instrumentation, personnel, style and repertoire. When you choose us, instead of choosing among semi-professionals on a directory site, or talking to a salesman at an agency, you will work one-on-one with me—a dedicated life-long musician who prides himself on leading some of the very best jazz bands in New York City.

Jazz bands that play weddings,
not wedding bands that play jazz

My bands are comprised of some of the top musicians on the New York City jazz scene, artists who have traveled the world alongside the legends who have shaped—and are shaping—jazz history. While we can fulfill the traditional musical needs of a wedding, we are more than authentic: we are the real deal.

Prices that offer you the best value in New York City

When searching for a jazz band for your wedding, you can find the cheapest in the generic Internet directories, the most expensive at the Jack-of-all-trades music agencies, or the best, right here: the elite of the New York jazz community, assembled into perfect ensembles by a seasoned bandleader, and offered to you at the most reasonable price points possible.

Professionalism combined with personalized service.

My professional attitude emphasizes courteousness and reliability. Upon choosing one of my bands to play for your wedding, I will work with you to coordinate repertoire, schedule, ceremony music selections, setup, and everything else to make sure everything flows smoothly. On the day of  your wedding my band will arrive early, start on time, look great, and adjust our volume levels to suit the needs of you and your guests.

An extensive repertoire of timeless classics

Our repertoire incorporates the best-crafted popular music of all time, from Great American Songbook standards to classic bossa novas from Brazil that will delight guests of every age. Choose from our enormous song list, and add to it your favorites.

Working jazz ensembles that have performed at New York City’s most prestigious landmarks

Each one of my bands is a real working group, with its own distinctive personnel, style, and repertoire.  My sidemen have performed at all of the top New York jazz venues, from the Blue Note to Jazz at Lincoln Center. Together, we've performed at nearly every prestigious wedding venue in New York, including The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The Central Park Boathouse, The Central Park Zoo, The Harold Pratt Mansion & Peterson Hall, The Hudson Theater, India House, Landmarc at Time Warner Center, The Lighthouse, The Lotus Club, New York Botanical Gardens, The River Café, Sofitel New York, The Vanderbilt Mansion, The Water's Edge Restaurant, and many others too numerous to list.

Our extraordinary music will help to make your wedding unforgettable

Your choice of music and musicians sets the tone for your entire wedding. Our world-class jazz, combined with my reliability, resourcefulness and attention to detail, will help to make your wedding an occasion that you and your guests will never forget. Contact me directly at 212-989-5281 or fill out the “get a price quote” form (click the button above right) and I'll get back to you today with either a simple price quote or a helpful, unbiased consultation, your choice.

Interview With Wedding Planner

Wedding planner Adrienne O’Connor
Q&A with bandleader Chuck Braman

  • We live in an age of recorded music, but there is nothing that can substitute for the experience of seeing great artists creating music before your eyes, which is exactly what jazz musicians do. In addition, live jazz is synonymous with elegance and sophistication and the greatest jazz musicians in the world happen to be concentrated right here in New York City. The trick is to find the subset of those who care about and can fulfill the special needs of a wedding. Once you’ve located a band you like and can trust, you need to decide whether to use them for the entire event, or combine them with a DJ. Either scenario can work very well depending on your preferences.

  • The difference between price and value, particularly when trying to choose between something as radically variable as different musical artists. A world-class jazz band can’t be offered at the bargain-basement prices that  the generic directory-type sites encourage. Conversely, a great value for a jazz band can't be offered by the elite club-date agencies, because of their lack of specialization and premium commissions. We are a specialty service that offers an expertly curated selection of some of the top jazz artists in New York City for your wedding at the most reasonable price possible.

  • A wedding band by definition needs to be many things to many people, whereas I provide a niche service to a niche market. We are real, working New York City jazz musicians who also play weddings, rather than wedding musicians who dabble in jazz. We provide a very high level of sophistication and elegance that fits certain weddings very well, and our music can be combined with the music of a DJ for those clients who need all the stylistic bases covered.

  • Playing! I’m a musician first and always, so my passion for this field derives 100% from the music that we create. That said, however, it’s a wonderful feeling when my clients tell me how much they loved our music, how many positive comments they received from their guests, and that we made a special occasion even more memorable.

  • I have several different groups, either built around a particular lead instrument, such as piano,  vibraphone, guitar, or saxophone, or around particular individuals, such as the vocalists I work with. Each of these groups has worked together on a regular basis for many years. In addition to these, I’m able to mix and match my sidemen into additional groups if the client is seeking a different instrumentation other than what we already offer.

    To make deciding between them easier, this page features selected videos of only the particular bands of mine that over time have been the most popular with brides and wedding planners. In addition, the site also has a page titled “All Bands / All Videos” which features all of the videos of all of my bands, sortable by the lead instrument. I’m also quite happy to provide a free consultation to help guide my clients to a make decision based on a combination of their preferences and my knowledge and experience.

  • One client who was a guest at a wedding in New York liked us enough to fly the entire band out for his own wedding in Los Angeles! In general, though, we perform within the Tri-State area.

  • I can honestly say you are one of the nicest and most professional wedding planners I’ve ever worked with. I hope we have the opportunity to work together many more times! [PS: That's completely true! Thank you, Adrienne O’Connor, of Ruffles & Tweed!—CB]

(Just) A Few Of Our Previous Weddings

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  • I can honestly say you are one of the nicest and most professional wedding planners I’ve ever worked with. I hope we have the opportunity to work together many more times! [PS: That's completely true! Thank you, Adrienne O’Connor, of Ruffles & Tweed!—CB]

New York Jazz Bands

New York Jazz Bands